Incase you didn’t know, this is NOT a food blog.

I absolutely love writing. I know, classic hipster chick with nothing better to do with her life than blog on the internet…well, shut up and read anyways.

What actually matters is this: words can MAKE or SHAKE a person. This may sound confusing, but in due time, you will come to understand the quirks and nonsense that spout from this ridiculous motor-mouth of mine. I just wanted to start this site because I wanted to share some of the dubious daily adversaries I encounter along my journey towards authorism (which, I know isn’t a word).

Some things you should know about me, is I’m your typical white-bread Canadian chick with a lot of time on her hands and practically invented “Forever Alone”. It is words that understand me, not people, but sometimes there are other people who understand words like me that begin to understand me because they understand how words work. WHEW. That was a mouthful, and probably very confusing, too. Oh well, get over it. My rambling will soon be a whole new language, and when it is, I shall rule the world!!! MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

No, seriously.

If you’re wondering why I call myself CSP, or otherwise known as Cream Sauce Pasta, it’s because of the meaning behind it. It comes from the title of a song by my favourite singer and inspiration, Younha. The song, when it originally came out, really struck home with me, and made me feel both happy and sad. I love the song, and I love her. HENCE, CSP. –incase you didn’t notice, I love Kpop.



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